Kitchen Garden

Sustainability is one of our founding principles at Retreat East; our kitchen garden embodies that philosophy better than anywhere. We aim to produce as much organic produce in our kitchen garden as possible for use in our restaurant. If we aren't able to grow the food ourselves, we source locally and ensure the product has been nurtured responsibly within our principles of sustainability and organic gardening. We aim to use as many parts of the plants as possible; our farm gardener ensures there is always plenty of variety for the chef to use 365 days per year. If you would like a tour of the Farm Gardens, please speak to one of the Retreat East team who will happily arrange a visit. Our Kitchen Garden is a genuine labour of love for us at Retreat East. Our Head Chef and Head Gardener, plan the produce for the year ahead to create brilliant, nutritious and, of course, delicious menus. Our Kitchen Garden is central to the Retreat East philosophy. We view seasonal, organic produce from our kitchen garden as the height of luxury and well-being.