House Rules

We want you to relax, make yourself at home and enjoy the facilities, we also would like you to treat the facilities like your own, as a result here are some pointers to avoid any unwanted charges.


Please ensure the kitchen is left as you found it, we don’t expect it ready for the next guest, but we do require you to clean anything you’ve used.

  • All used dishes used are placed in the dishwasher
  • The surfaces are cleaned
  • Any pots and pans used have been cleaned after use
  • Any rubbish is placed in the appropriate bin

Excess cleaning charges start at £50 depending on the length of time needed to clean.


If accidents happen and something is damaged, please highlight these to the team on check out, failure to do so will incur additional costs

Bathroom Products

Please feel free to enjoy our complimentary Loggique products, if you want to take some home, you can purchase them in the Great Barn on departure. Any items removed from the barns will be charged at the full rate.


Pets are welcome at Retreat East, please ensure that they are well-behaved, kept on a lead and any accidents or are cleaned or reported to the team.

Should you have any questions on the House Rules please feel free to contact one of the team.