Recipe Of The Month - March

By Steph Jones


7th March 2023

If you are looking for a delicious dessert to impress your guests that tastes as good as it looks, our head chef Adam Spicer has got you covered with March’s recipe of the month. Serve up a sumptuous slice of this luxurious salted caramel tart and everyone will be asking for the recipe!



250g unsalted butter

500g plain flour

70g sugar

1 egg yolk

Cold water


280g caster sugar

50ml Madeira

1 litre of double cream

70g muscovado sugar

270g egg yolks


Once you have collected all the ingredients you need and have a tart ring you can get going, starting with the filling.

Method for salted caramel tart filling:

Place the caster sugar in a pan and heat until it forms a caramel.

Add the Madeira and let it boil - be careful as it will likely spit.

Slowly add the cream a little at a time.

Then add salt to taste, Adam recommends around 1 and a half teaspoons.

Whisk until combined.

In a separate bowl, beat muscovado sugar with the egg yolks.

Then, slowly add the cream mix to the sugar and egg mix,

Leave the mix to rest and take any bubbles off of the top.

Leave to chill until the mix reaches room temperature.

Method for the salted caramel tart pastry:

Add the butter, sugar and flour to a bowl.

Rub the mixture between your fingers until it reaches a breadcrumb texture.

Add the egg yolk and enough cold water to just bring the pastry together.

Roll out the pastry over a 26cm tart ring.

Blind bake with baking beans for roughly 25 mins at 165c. Tip: if you don’t have baking beans, rice or flour in clingfilm works just as well!

After your pastry has blind-baked it is time to assemble the tart.

Add the filling to the tart case so it reaches the top of the case, then bake for 40 minutes at 115c. Be sure to check the tart regularly as sometimes it can set faster. Leave to cool out of the fridge until the tart is completely set.

Then you can slice, plate with your preferred garnish and enjoy! If you’d prefer not to cook this tasty treat but still want to try it, book a table at our restaurants and enjoy a slice our chefs have prepared for you.

To try Adam's version, click here to book a table!